Breaking News


Breaking News

Your Lakefront POA Board members are pleased to announce that we have retained attorney Trey Gowdy to represent you. We are unsure if Mr. Gowdy will be available to attend our homeowners meeting on April 11th at 6:30pm at Lake Bowen Baptist church but we are sure that we need your support both financially and by informing your neighbors of our next meeting. Please make sure every neighbor on your street is aware of the next homeowners meeting and our need for donations to pay for Mr. Gowdy’s services.

For those that have inquired about our fundraising efforts, we are at $28 raised per lakefront home. Our goal is $275 per home.

To donate you can send checks to:

Lakefront POA
PO Box 161565
Boiling Springs SC 29316

PS: We have also set up a PayPal account which will soon be added to the website… For those of you who are friends on the Lake Bowen, Blalock & Res-1 Property Owners Assoc. (POA), facebook page, there is a donation post there